Weight Loss

Weight Loss

I have been in weight loss practice for many years. There are certain truths I have discussed over a period of more than 25 years of first-hand experience.

Losing weight is more like trying to become rich. Both are slow and boring processes and there is nothing about them.

Hopefully, you want to go through this process only once in your life.

The best way to lose weight is to pick a realistic goal (not your high school graduation weight) with the help of a professional and not stop till you have achieved that goal no matter how long it takes. You should do everything in your power to get to this goal.

Once you get to your goal or close to it you will need to start a solid program of eating right and exercise. If you don’t, I promise the weight will come back.

The whole idea is to be as close to your happy weight as possible, eat the right foods and move (exercise) as much as possible. This should give you plenty of energy and the body you want without exactly starving yourself.  You will do everything possible to stay in this stage for as long as possible.

The simplest way to maintain your weight is:

  • Belong to a group and be accountable for your weight at regular (monthly) intervals.
  • Set up an alarm for weight gain (i.e. 5 lbs) and if the alarm goes off, seek intervention right away. It is so much easier to lose 10 lbs than 40 lbs.

Everyone wants to look good in a swimsuit but remember there are health benefits of weight loss. These benefits are priceless.

We have been using many medications and procedures to help with the initial weight loss. Some of these medications and procedures carry high risks to your overall health.

The new class of medications recently approved by the FDA are a game changer. These are called GLP1.  These initially came across as a treatment for Type 2 diabetes.  Everyone quickly realized that weight loss was a side benefit.  Of these, Semaglutide was approved by the FDA for weight loss at a different dose level.  These medications are effective and very safe.  We use Semaglutide in our practice and the results have been very satisfying.  We offer a free consultation with the physician to go over how these medications i.e, (semaglutide) work and what to expect.

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