Vanquish Me

Vanquish Me
Non-Invasive Fat Reduction

Vanquish ME (Maximum Energy) is a pain-free, non-surgical method of body contouring and fat reduction that uses radio frequency to permanently destroy stubborn fat cells. If your diet and exercise efforts have not produced the firm, toned body you are desiring, consider Vanquish ME body contouring. Vanquish ME is non-invasive and requires no downtime. It is the most innovative form of Radio Frequency treatment for fat reduction currently available. Get rid of your love handles, cellulite and extra fat for good!

During the body contouring session, system is suspended over the target areas, never coming in direct contact with your skin. The device uses thermal energy to destroy stubborn fat, not your skin or muscles. Once the fat cells are destroyed, your body converts them to waste. You feel only a slight sensation of warmth while receiving your Vanquish ME treatment and that sensation may last a few hours after your treatment. You are laying down during the treatments, so you are completely relaxed.

The advantage of using radio frequency is that it allows for a large amount of fat cell destruction in a single appointment. Most patients target fat cells in the abdominal, hips and waist areas. The treatments leave no unevenness or demarcation lines, so your body will look more uniform. Once a treatment is finished, you can immediately return to your normal activities and life. You can even have a treatment during your lunch break!

Clients often ask if this procedure is right for them. We recommend it for anyone who is overweight and, despite strict adherence to a diet and exercise plan, hasn’t been able to achieve their desired results. It is also for clients who want to avoid liposuction or surgery, and clients who are looking for a more toned appearance. We will come up with a treatment plan that is right for you and results in the toned body you have been working for! For best results, we will schedule each session one week to 10 days apart. Most clients require four treatments of 30-45 minutes each and should start to see results within two weeks. Best of all, your results are permanent – the fat cells have been disrupted and are gone for good.

If you’re tired of having a love handle that is getting even harder to get rid of as you age, contact us to request an appointment or consultation today! We will figure out just how many treatments you need to give you the body you deserve.