J-Plasma Skin Resurfacing
in Tustin, CA

J-Plasma Skin Resurfacing

J-Plasma is a revolutionary method of correcting years of sun damage and slowing down the effects of premature aging on our faces, producing very dramatic results. Best of all, it is a non-surgical procedure! A surgical face lift can tighten your skin and remove wrinkles, but you are still left with your same skin – damage and all. J-Plasma corrects your skin’s imperfections and damage while firming your face.

J-Plasma improves lines and removes most wrinkles. It corrects irregular pigmentation, tightens and smooths skin, especially under the eyes and neck. Spot treatments are possible around the eyes, mouth and neck areas. It treats acne scars, age spots, sun spots, and melasma. It also corrects lines around the mouth that are caused from smoking.

J-Plasma combines cold inert helium gas with radio frequency (RF) energy. The helium gas produces an amazingly precise “cold” flame that stimulates new facial skin growth. The helium gas also focuses the RF energy for an extreme level of precision. No surrounding tissue is damaged during your treatment. The treatment lasts about 45 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia. Most patients require only a single treatment and the results are immediate and will last for years.

Once you are finished with the procedure, you’ll need about ten days downtime to allow your skin to fully heal. You will need to stay out of the sun during this time. You might experience some minor swelling and redness during the healing process. We will closely monitor you during this time and make sure everything is healing properly.

If you are ready for a more youthful appearance, overall facial tightening, minimal scars, wrinkles and fine lines, J-Plasma might be the perfect treatment for you. Call us today and schedule a consultation. We will advise you on which is the best procedure for your situation.

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