Co2 & Erbium Laser
in Tustin, CA

C02 and Erbium Laser

These ablative laser treatments work great for skin tightening, diminishing wrinkles and fine lines, skin resurfacing, age spots, acne scars, and brown spots. They also correct sun damage and help control rosacea. While improving your skin tone, your skin texture and the firmness of your skin.

This laser is perfect for more superficial needs. It is ideal for improving your skin’s appearance, removing superficial scars and lines, improving the texture and tone of your skin. There is minimal surrounding tissue damage because this laser is very precise. You can also treat your hands, neck, face, and chest. If you have a darker skin tone, this laser will work for you as well. The procedure is minimally invasive and your recovery time will be about a week. A topical anesthesia may be used during your treatment.

This laser treatment is a deep penetrating treatment and is for more severe needs – deeper acne scars, warts, enlarged oil glands, and very damaged skin. While the C02 laser is more effective at treating deeper issues and returns more dramatic results, it also requires more downtime – up to three weeks -- to recover. Your skin will appear slightly pink, like a mild sunburn, for up to six months. It usually requires the use of general anesthesia during the treatment.

If you want to try a skin resurfacing treatment but aren’t sure which one will work best for you, call us and come in for a consultation. We will examine you, answer any questions you might have and make our recommendation for which treatment will work best for you with minimal cost and downtime.

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